bat's live2d commissions


Prices are in USD. Paypal only.Complicated designs or pieces that will need complex rigging may cost extra and/or take additional time to complete.

Bust Art & Rig $350 - $400

A chest-up rig of your character. Includes 2 free expressions.

Full Body Art & Rig $750 - $800

A full body rig of your character. Includes 4 free expressions.

Terms of service

  • By commissioning me you are agreeing to my terms of service. Terms are subject to change as needed. (Last Update Feb 22, 2024)

  • Paypal Invoices only.

  • Prices are USD.

  • Please don't claim to be the artist / rigger of the work. Credit is appreciated.

  • Major revisions should be done in the sketch phase, but frequent minor revisions are no problem!

  • You will not be receiving any physical item by commissioning me. Artwork / Rigs are purely digital and will be given to you digitally upon completion.

  • Work is completed on a first come first serve basis. Check the queue to see what status your commission is at!

  • You are not allowed to use any of my art or animation for NFTs or AI art.

  • You are not allowed to resell your rig for more than you paid for it.


  • Humans / Humanoids

  • Anthros / Furries

  • Monsters, Animals

  • Simple Mechs / Robots

  • Chibis

I will not draw / Rig:

  • Offensive / Hatefully Themed Characters

  • Complicated Mechs


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All commission slots are currently full.

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